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70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 – February 2, 2017

Student Recruitment
Rangeland Careers
Trailboss Cookbook
Awards Committee


The Society for Range Management awards is designed to recognize members and nonmembers who have made outstanding contributions to the science and art of rangeland resource management. Awards are presented at the Society's annual (Winter) meeting.

The Awards Committee Handbook describes: (1) the functions and procedures of the Awards Committee, and (2) the selection criteria and nominating procedures for each Society award.

In addition to the awards offered under the Society awards program, members and Sections are encouraged to submit nominations of individual members, groups of members, or Sections directly to other organizations. Likewise, Society members and Sections are encouraged to nominate recipients of awards from other organizations for appropriate SRM awards. Copies of nominations for "outside awards" should be filed with the Society office.

A permanent file of nominations for all SRM awards, as well as outside awards, will be maintained in the Society office.

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