RangeFlash - October 12, 2010

2011 International Travel Fellowship

2011 Annual Meeting of the Society for Range Management
Location: Billings, Montana USA
Dates: February 6 - 10, 2011

The Society for Range Management (SRM) has established a program to support attendance at the Annual Meeting by rangeland scientists or managers from developing countries and to foster international exchange about advances in rangeland ecology and management.

We anticipate awarding two International Travel Fellowships (ITF) at the SRM 2011 Annual Meeting. Each recipient will receive US $1,000 at the Annual Meeting. It is the recipient's responsibility to make all transportation arrangements and cover all transportation and lodging costs associated with participating in the meeting.

1. Applicants are NOT eligible if:
· the applicant is a citizen or current resident of the United States or Canada,
· the applicant is a citizen of a G7 country (France, US, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada), or
· the applicant (of any nationality) is currently studying in the United States or Canada.

  1. Scientific merit and application to rangeland ecology or social science and management. We will favor applicants who demonstrate that their research advances (i) the scientific basis of rangeland ecology or social science, and/or (ii) the application of rangeland ecology or social science for rangeland resource conservation and management. New and established rangeland professionals are encouraged to apply.
  2. Financial need. Applicants must have demonstrated financial need and show that without ITF support, they would not be able to attend the Annual Meeting. Applicants currently studying or residing in G7 countries (other than US and Canada) must demonstrate the extent to which they have pursued travel funding from their host institution.
  3. Professional development. Applicants must demonstrate that attending the SRM Annual Meeting will represent a significant professional opportunity for developing their expertise in rangeland ecology and management and establishing working relationships with rangeland professionals from other countries.
  4. Clarity of English and expression.
All application materials must be in English. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. A complete application contains the following:
  1. Name, Institution, Email address, Postal Address, Citizenship
  2. Curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages).
  3. If you submitted an abstract of a paper or poster which you plan to present at the Annual Meeting, please provide the title.
  4. A summary of your research or professional activities (500 words maximum) explaining how your research or professional activities extend the scientific basis or application of rangeland ecology and management (see Selection Criteria listed above).
  5. Statement on what you hope to gain professionally from attending the SRM Annual Meeting (200 words maximum).
  6. An explanation (200 words maximum) of why you need financial assistance to attend the Annual Meeting (see Selection Criteria listed above).
Submit your ITF application materials by November 24, 2010 via email to herman.garcia@co.usda.gov or jawagner@or.blm.gov or by post (please include a disk copy with all materials in a single file in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format) to :

Herman B. García
State Range Conservationist
United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
655 Parfet St, Room E200C
Lakewood, CO 80215

Joe Wagner
BLM Fire Ecologist
U.S. Department of Interior
Bureau of Land Management
1301 South G Street
Lakeview, Oregon, USA 97630

Awards will be announced before December 10, 2010