RangeFlash - September 9, 2010

2011 Rangeland Cup - Topic and Deadline
The Rangeland Cup team problem solving competition is an activity to promote critical thinking and cooperative, collaborative work on current topics and/or topics of historical importance to rangeland ecology and management. As we progress in our careers, much of our work is performed as part of a group. This competition is intended to build skills in interpersonal communication and group-problem solving, both of which are highly desired qualities in the workplace.

Dominant paradigms developed by rangeland science guide management practices which can result in long-lasting impacts for rangeland systems. Such impacts are inherited by successive generations of scientists and managers, thus becoming legacies of past management.
  1. Choose one prominent management practice or paradigm developed by early pioneers in the rangeland management profession that has left a legacy which impacts how we manage rangelands today. Discuss the scientific rationale for broad-scale implementation of the practice (historically) and describe how the implementation of the practice has positive, negative or neutral impacts on our current management strategies. Consider multiple types of impacts (ecological, economic, social, etc.).
  2. Discuss a management practice of a rangeland ecosystem outside North America and how this strategy may leave legacies for future generations. Compare this example to the issue you discussed previously in number 1. How might information from this international example be incorporated into contemporary rangeland management paradigms in North America?
To register your team send an email to rangelandcup@rangelands.org including your school/university, names of team members and mentor, contact information (email, phone, address) of at least one team member. Contest guidelines and regulations may be found at http://www.rangelands.org/rangecup/ or by emailing the address above. We look forward to the strong competition and creative ideas on this challenging topic. Good luck!

Registration DEADLINE for 2011 International SRM meeting in Billings: November 12, 2010.