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The student events and activities provide a great opportunity for high school, college, and university students to become involved with the SRM and to learn more about rangeland resources and the field of range science. The various events and activities are designed to: 1) provide a forum for students to test their knowledge of rangeland ecology, plant identification and rangeland management; 2) provide a format that encourages syntheses of information and enhancement of communication skills; 3) create an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie, friendships and lasting relationships, 4) give students the opportunity to meet SRM members; 5) allow students to interact with range professionals and explore career opportunities; 6) provide insights concerning the functioning and working of the society; and 7) provide an opportunity to learn about the ecology and natural resources of the annual meeting location. SRM members are encouraged to attend student events and activities. Exceptional presentations can be heard at the High School Youth Forum Oral Presentations, Undergraduate Technical Paper Presentations, the Rangeland Cup Competition, Undergraduate Public Speaking Contest, and Graduate Student Paper and Poster Presentations.

Please check the Student Activities Schedule for times and locations of the various events and activities. Remember, the students represent the future of SRM.

High School Youth Forum (HSYF) Activities

HS Youth Forum HSYF Orientation and Social: A social to get acquainted with other students participating in the HSYF. Don't miss this kick off event on Sunday February 6.

HSYF Field Tour: On Monday February 7, Youth Forum participants will tour rangelands of SE Montana, including tour stops at Pompey's Pillar and the Custer National Battlefield.

HSYF Professional Interaction Dinner: Monday evening, HSYF students have the chance to meet and visit with natural resource professionals in a relaxed dining atmosphere. HSYF participants have a unique opportunity to inquire about career opportunities and begin to develop professional networks.

HSYF Paper Presentations: On Tuesday February 8, each HSYF participant will present a 6-8 minute presentation on a rangeland/grassland topic of their choice. The presentations will be judged, with the winner being invited to attend the 2012 Annual Meeting and present their topic to the entire Society at the Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony in Spokane, Washington. All SRM members and guests are invited to attend these presentations.

Student Luncheon: On Tuesday, February 8 the HSYF group will attend the student luncheon and mix and interact with college and university undergraduate and graduate students. Members of the Board of Directors of SRM commonly attend the luncheon, giving HSYF delegates a chance to network with them as well.

HSYF Business Meeting: On Wednesday February 9, students attend this meeting to plan next year's HSYF activities and elect the 2011/2012 HSYF officers.

HSYF Workshop: On Wednesday, February 9 there will be a workshop developed by the HSYF Subcommittee to help students develop skills to enhance their future as a rangeland professional.

Undergraduate Student Activities

URME Student Conclave Business Meeting and Mixer: All SRM student members are part of the Student Conclave and invited to participate in Conclave activities. This event will be held on Sunday February 6.

Student Chapter Display Contest: Student SRM Chapters will display their exhibits as part of the Trade Show. Awards will be presented for the best display at the Awards Ceremony.

Undergraduate Range Management Exam (URME): On Monday February 7, undergraduate teams will compete to test their knowledge and understanding of range management and ecology. The top 5 scoring individuals and top 5 scoring teams will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Undergraduate Public Speaking Contest: On Monday afternoon, undergraduates can compete in an extemporaneous public speaking contest. Each student will select one of 3 provided speech topics related to range management. They will have 2.5 hours to develop a 5-7 minute presentation of that topic. Students can use any resources available at the SRM meeting to develop their speech, including people, displays, and presentations. Everyone is invited to attend these presentations.

Student Luncheon: All undergraduates are invited to attend the student luncheon on Tuesday where they can interact with fellow range management students, delegates from the High School Youth Forum, as well as senior members and leaders from the Society for Range Management. After the student luncheon, the Undergraduate Student Conclave will hold a formal business meeting where the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the conclave will be elected for 2011/2012.

Rangeland Cup: This competition involves a team approach to problem solving designed to promote critical thinking and cooperative and collaborative work on topics relevant to rangeland science and management. Teams present their solutions during the Monday afternoon poster session. Everyone is invited to view the posters and discuss the projects with team members.

Tapping the Top Mixer: This Monday evening event provides students with an opportunity to meet with top professionals from the range management and natural resource management fields. This is a casual event conducive to conversation between students and professionals.

Plant ID Contest: This is a time-honored tradition of SRM. On Tuesday February 8, students will test their skills by identifying plants from a list of 200 important range plants. Awards will be given to top teams and the top individuals. SRM members are encouraged to view the Plant ID Exam, which will be displayed after the contest is complete, to test and renew their own plant ID skills.

Students Undergraduate Technical Paper Session: Undergraduate students give oral presentations on research projects or papers to the SRM membership. Everyone at the Annual Meeting is invited to attend these presentations on the morning of Wednesday, February 9.

Graduate Student Competitions

Graduate Student Paper and Poster Competitions: Graduate student presentations are imbedded in the technical sessions along with other professionals and academics. This contest offers graduate students an opportunity to compete in the presentation of their research in technical paper and poster sessions throughout the week. The four categories are M.Sc. Oral, M.Sc. Poster, Ph.D. Oral and Ph.D. poster. First and second prizes will be awarded in each category.

Tapping the Top - Professional - Student Interaction Function

Tapping the Top (TTT) enters its 24th year in Billings, Montana. All students who are interested in a career in range management are encouraged to attend the Tapping the Top Professional-Student Interaction Function. TTT offers students the opportunity to visit with experienced range professionals about what it is like to have a career in range management. Students talk to professionals about what it is they do day to day in their job, what they enjoy most, and what they would have done differently in a casual atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to find out about the broad scope of jobs and regions to work in the range profession. You will get the scoop on what you want to do from someone who has been doing it for a few decades. Professionals, if you want to share what you have learned with the students who will be filling your shoes as future range professionals, please attend Tapping The Top. We appreciate your 20 plus years of great support. We invite all professionals with experience and enthusiasm to attend TTT and share it with these young professionals. This is your chance to have an impact on the profession of range management.