70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 – February 2, 2017


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A well-trained and highly motivated group of professionals and rangeland users working with productive, sustainable rangeland ecosystems.
Providing leadership for the Stewardship of Rangelands based on sound ecological principles.
is the professional society dedicated to supporting persons who work with rangelands and have a commitment to their sustainable use. Rangelands comprise almost one-half of all the lands in the world. They are extremely important to society for the goods and services they produce and for the ecological services they provide. SRM is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable management of rangelands for the benefit of current societies and for future generations. For more information on rangelands and rangeland resources check out Links above.
SRM Membership Renewal:

SRM membership renewals are in full swing!

If you have any questions regarding your renewal please call the SRM Business Office at: (785) 865-9456. Or email: membership@rangelands.org. Click here to view our membership brochure and other publications.

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Ecological Site Description Workshops:

ESD Workshop Info

The Ecological Site Description workshop series hosted by SRM and agency partners is a landmark effort that involves opportunities for critical interagency discussion. Click here for more information.

The webpage is now available for the SRM Ecological Site Description Workshop that was held in Winnemucca, NV June 5-7 2012.
Click Here.
Rangeland News Website
SRM Outreach Blog

Rangeland News - now available online! Check out the Rangeland News website at www.RangelandNews.org

SRM BOARD OF DIRECTORS will meet via conference call monthly.

Schedule for upcoming Board calls:
SRM BOARD OF DIRECTORS will meet via conference call the last Thursday of the month at 11:00 AM MT. (Dates and times subject to change.)
Schedule for upcoming Board calls:
April 28th, 2016
No Board call for May, 2016
June 30, 2016
July 28, 2016
Summer Board Meeting – Sparks, NV – August 9 & 10, 2016 (tentative dates)

PLEASE NOTE NEW CALL IN NUMBER AND ONLINE MEETING LINK! Online meeting: https://www.uberconference.com/wssdc
Dial In Number: 866-254-5984
No PIN needed

Sage-grouse no longer listed as endangered
SRM has issued a press celebrating the greater sage-grouse non-listing decision. SRM will continue working with the Sage Grouse initiative (SGI) in the months to come on this issue as it moves forward. Read the full press release.

Other Events of Interest:

USDA-NRCS Webinars Available & Offering SRM Continuing Education Credit (CEUs)
Email Holli.Kuykendall@gnb.usda.gov for more information

SRM YPC Wildrags for the 2016 Annual Meeting
Corpus Christi, TX. Deadline is Sept. 15.
Click here for details.



We are happy to report that SRM journal access login issues have been resolved!

All you need to do to gain online access to your respective journal subscriptions is log in to the SRM Business site just as you normally would do, http://srm.allenpress.com/srm/MEMBERSHIP.aspx.

Once logged in, select Journals from the menu bar. You will see a button below each journal to which you have online access which will take you directly to that journal. If you don't see a button/link below a journal you think you should have access to, please contact us at membership@rangelands.org, or by phone at 800-627-0326 x456; direct at 785-865-9456.

We thank you for your continued patience as we've worked to resolve the problems with journal access.
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International Travel Fellowship

Announcing an International Travel Fellowship (ITF) for the 69th Annual Society for Range Management Meeting, Technical Training and Trade Show to be held January 31 to February 04, 2016 at Corpus Christi, Texas! The theme of the 2016 meeting is Rangelands and Wildlife.

We seek outstanding rangeland professionals from outside the USA and Canada to apply for an ITF that will provide registration and general travel support to attend the 2016 SRM Annual Meeting. See the application details and a list of previous winners here.

A description of the 2016 SRM Annual Meeting, as well as portals for the submission of abstracts and registration and lodging information, is found here.

Abstracts for meeting presentations are due 25 September 2015.

While a presentation is not absolutely required for ITF applicants, it is preferred. Applications for the ITF award are due 01 November 2015. The winner will be notified on 14 November 2015.

The SRM website is experiencing difficulties with the latest version of Internet Explorer. If you have having trouble viewing menus, please switch to a different browser or try to run IE in Compatibility mode. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ecosystem Management (EMI) Field Botanist/Biologist Positions
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Texas A&M Agrilife Research at Vernon
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Program Coordinator: Cooperative Extension, Northern Arizona
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Livestock and Natural Resources Cooperative Advisor Serving Fresno and Madera Counties
(More Info)

National Program Leader Position for Animal Food Production
(More Info)

Tenure Track Professor in Sustainability Science-Rank of Assistant or Associate Professor, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Colorado State University
(More Info)

Area Agent, Environment and Natural Resources & Animal Sciences, The University of Arizona, Gila County Cooperative Extension
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Research Faculty - Extension Specialist, University of Idaho, Boise, Idaho
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Postdoctoral Researcher: Post-fire recovery of mule deer habitat in juniper-invaded sagebrush-bitterbrush ecosystems
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USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Range and Meadow Forage Management Research Unit, Burns, Oregon
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Beef Cattle Research Assistant, Browns Valley, CA
(More Info)

Associate Professor or Professor, Texas A&M
(More Info)

Lands Program Manager for the Grazing, Farming and Conservation Leasing Programs, Idaho Department of Lands
(More Info)

Farm Director, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky
(More Info)

Rangeland Ecologist, Turner Enterprises, Inc., Bozeman, MT
(More Info)

Assistant/Associate Professor of Rangeland Livestock Department of Animal and Veterinary Science Department, University of Idaho
(More Info)

Plant Conservation Biology/Herbarium Director, Department of Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University, Brookings
(More Info)

Conservation and Land Management Internship Program
(More Info)

The Nature Conservancy – Zumwalt Ecology Technician – Enterprise, OR
(More Info)

Professor and Endowed Chair in Ranch Management, King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management (KRIRM)
(More Info)

Sagebrush Shrub-Steppe Wildlife Habitat Ecologist, Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Oregon State University – Corvallis campus
(More Info)

Assistant Professor of Wildland Watershed Management, The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, University of Wyoming
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Earn your master’s from a leader in sustainability and natural resources.
Learn more about Colorado State University’s online Natural Resource Stewardship–Rangeland Ecosystems Specialization and Integrated Resource Management programs.

Colorado State University