Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Section

PNW Section web site has moved to pnwsrm.org.  Please update your bookmarks and favorites and browse to the new site. (this site at rangelands.org is no longer maintained and is kept merely for archive purposes)

You will find information about the section, the society, newsletter, tours, meetings, and officers.

“Our Code”

  • Vision

    Properly functioning ecosystems providing for sustainability of watersheds, plants, animals & people

  • Mission

    Promote ways to maintain or enhance the integrity of the ecological community critical to
    the watersheds, plants, animals & people that depend on rangelands for their sustenance

  • Goals

    1. To maintain a high degree of professionalism among the membership through workshops, symposia, written materials & training sessions
    2. To provide information to the public & rangeland users about the values & management of rangeland resources
    3. To forge relationships with other natural resource based organizations