Spokane 2012 Annual SRM Meeting
Program - Symposia - Ranchers' Forum
Tuesday, January 31, 2012. 8:45 a.m. to 4:50 p.m. PST
Spokane, WA
Attend in person at the Convention Center OR at your ranch or meeting hall by webinar (high speed internet required)
How much:
$60 per person. Group discounts available. Late fee after December 18
Download the Ranchers' Forum Flier and Registration Form (pdf) and mail your registration or register online starting October 17.
For more information about the Ranchers' Forum, contact Tom Platt
at plattom@wsu.edu or 509-725-4171.

Ranchers' Forum Topics

Keeping the Family Ranch in the Family.
Ron Hanson, agricultural economist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is a well known speaker sought by farm groups throughout rural America for his humorous, thought provoking, and instructive presentations. He will address "what if family issues" of passing a ranching operation from one generation (the parents) to the next (their adult children) while avoiding personal conflicts, feuds, and a mess of legal problems when settling the family estate. Ron will spice his presentation with tips on family communication and multi-generational ranching.

Crooked Calf Syndrome in Washington's Channeled Scablands and Beyond.
This lupine induced deformity plagues central Washington ranches sporadically with serious outbreaks occurring about once a decade when upwards of 50 percent of a ranch's calf crop can be deformed. Clive Gay, retired from WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine, will give an overview of Crooked Calf Syndrome in Washington and will discuss year to year and species variations in lupine toxicity. Roy Clinesmith, who ranches in the middle of Washington's crooked calf country, will describe outbreaks on his ranch and how he attempts to steer clear of them. Kip Panter of USDA's Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory in Logan Utah will describe the history of Crooked Calf research at PPRL and will discuss the important research findings regarding lupine toxins, how they work, animal behavior and taste preferences for lupine, and strategies to reduce Crooked Calf Syndrome.

Sage Grouse: could this Bird be the Ranchers' Spotted Owl?
Biological and ecological needs of sage grouse will be explained by Mike Schroeder of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Endangered Species Act as it relates to sage grouse will be discussed by environmental attorney Jessica Ferrell of Marten Law in Seattle. The Sage Grouse Initiative, NRCS's recent initiative to conserve sage grouse habitat through sustainable ranching, will be addressed jointly by NRCS SGI coordinator Tim Griffiths of Bozeman and SGI science advisor David Naugle of the University of Montana, Missoula.

Register by mail by downloading the Ranchers' Forum Flier and Registration Form or online starting October 17.