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Jan. 31 - Feb. 4, 2016
Corpus Christi, TX
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Young Professionals Conclave (YPC)
The newly formed group in the SRM is geared towards integrating young or less experienced members into the society by hosting events young professionals are especially interested in, and by providing opportunities to network with other young professionals as well as with senior or more experienced members.

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News & Events:

YPC Travel Scholarship (for 2016 annual meeting)

Our Mission:
Develop a continuum which maintains/improves information exchange and experience sharing among generations within SRM to promote strength in leadership, education, research, and stewardship of rangelands and associated resources.

Our Officers:
2014 Officers:
President: Jill Ficke-Beaton, Jill.Ficke-Beaton@hi.usda.gov
Vice President: Rory O'Connor, ro.c.oconnor@gmail.com
Treasurer: Miranda Meehan, mirmeehan1215@gmail.com
Recorder: Monty Lane monty.lane@wy.usda.gov

Advisory Council Co-Chair:Advisory Council Co-Chair:

Jamin Johanson, jamin.johanson@ut.usda.gov
Kasey DeAtley, kdeatley@csuchico.edu

Officer Bios:

Jill Ficke-BeatonJill Ficke-Beaton, President and Planning Committee Chair
I have been in production agriculture and ranch management for the past 24 years on the Big Island of Hawaii. I came to realize that as a land manager, my job wasn’t just about the livestock, but included all the natural resources around me that I had a responsibility for. Deciding that my interests really focused on range management, I began to work on my master’s degree with the goal of entering into the natural resource and range management field.  As a YPC scholarship recipient I was able to travel to the 2013 SRM Annual Conference in Oklahoma City and began my initiation into SRM in earnest. The opportunity for education, professional development, and networking are limitless and I feel that there is no better or economical way to gain exposure and knowledge than attending the SRM annual meetings. My involvement in SRM and YPC has definitely helped me obtain my goal, since as of November 2013 I have been working for NRCS in the Hilo Field Office. 2014 promises to be an exciting year for YPC and SRM. Our annual conference takes us into my neck of the woods, with the California Pacific Region hosting in Sacramento. I encourage all young professionals to be part of YPC and to volunteer for roles within YPC and SRM. I can guarantee that the rewards will far exceed the demands. Jill.Ficke-Beaton@hi.usda.gov

Rory O'Connor

Rory O’Connor, Vice President and Outreach Committee Chair
Hello in the camp!  Here is a little bit about me so you can know where I’ve come from and how networking has helped me get to where I am currently. I studied Rangeland Ecology and Management at Brigham Young University-Idaho, and it’s also where I met my wife. After graduating I got my first job as a wildlife technician doing sage grouse and pygmy rabbit winter habitat surveys for SM Stoller, a private consulting firm, in Idaho.  After enjoying winter for several months in eastern Idaho the temporary job was done and I was hired by the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Burns, OR as a rangeland technician. These were some great years of learning and being mentored by great rangeland and soil scientists.  After several years I decided to return to school.  I am currently finishing my Master’s degree at Brigham Young University on how small mammals influence invasive plant establishment post-fire in western deserts.  This fall I start a PhD in the tall grass prairie at Kansas State University. Over the last 5 years my two jobs and graduate programs have all come about through networking.  The majority of the people I have worked with are members of SRM and I have met them at sectional or national meetings.  Within SRM and more specifically the YPC I have been given awesome experiences to meet top scientists, land managers (both public and private), and policy makers to get an understanding for what truly is important in building my career as a young professional. If you have questions about the YPC, or how to network let’s talk. Email me at ro.c.oconnor@gmail.com.

Miranda MeehanMiranda Meehan, Treasurer and Fundraising Committee Chair
I grew up on a small livestock operation near Tuttle, ND, where I was very active in 4-H and the livestock industry, raising and showing Simmental.  My interest in range management was sparked in 1997 when I first attended North Dakota Youth Range Camp. This experience gave me the opportunity to participate in the Society for Range Management’s High School Youth Forum and the National Range Judging Contest in 2001. These activities facilitated my decision to pursue a career in range management with the goal of understanding the ecology of rangeland ecosystems and assisting land owners in managing their resources in a profitable and sustainable manner. I became involved in research as a research technician in 2001 prior to beginning my undergraduate studies in Animal & Range Science at North Dakota State University. I received my bachelors and masters degrees in Animal and Range Science from NDSU in 2005 and 2008, respectively. In 2012 received my Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management from NDSU; my research focused on the development of an Ecological Site Description and State-and-Transition Model for the Middle Sheyenne River. Currently, I am working as a Natural Resource Specialist for Carlson McCain, Inc., in Bismarck, ND. I am looking forward to serving as a YPC officer helping to provide leadership to young professionals and promote SRM. Please contact me if you are interested in the YPC or with any suggestions you may have for the YPC Fundraising Committee at mirmeehan1215@gmail.com or (701) 527-3554.

Monty Lane

Monty Lane, Recorder and Newsletter Committee Chair
I grew up on an alfalfa operation in southern New Mexico and graduated from NMSU in Las Cruces with a B.S. in Rangeland Resources. I was involved in the NMSU Range Club; I served as an officer three years, including as president my senior year. Currently I am currently working as a Range Management Specialist in Eastern Wyoming for the NRCS. I attended the National SRM meetings for four years as a student, and upon graduation was unsure of how to remain involved and contribute to the society. Fortunately I heard about the Young Professionals Conclave (YPC) prior to the 2013 meeting in OKC, and became a member. The YPC offers marvelous opportunities for networking and career development, and I encourage all who are relatively new to the range field to join us. Please contact me if you have any inquiries or have contributions to the newsletter monty.lane@wy.usda.gov.

Jamin JohansonJamin Johanson, Advisory Council Co-Chair
In my experience, networking through the SRM is the best way to advance personally and professionally as a steward of rangelands. As a young professional in range management, I know firsthand the challenges of starting a career, raising a family, gaining experience, and building a professional network—all at the same time! I studied Range Science at Utah State University where I served as president of the Range Club, met my beautiful wife, and was blessed with two little girls. I also received a Master’s degree from Utah State developing state-and-transition models for ecological sites in northern Utah. I currently work for NRCS in southern Utah, where I develop ecological sites on the Colorado Plateau and organize workshops for ecological site development professionals. Within SRM, I have seen the benefit of YPC to young professionals. I have previously served as the YPC President and as YPC Vice President. I look forward to initiating a YPC at the section level in Utah this year. If you are interested in providing leadership for young professionals in your section, or if you have any questions or suggestions about YPC in general, please e-mail me at jamin.johanson@ut.usda.gov.


Kasey DeAtleyKasey DeAtley, Advisory Council Co-Chair
I was born and raised on a beef cattle operation in North-Eastern California and completed my BS degree in Animal Science at California State University, Chico in 2005. I completed my MS and PhD degrees at New Mexico State University in Animal Science then worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California, Davis in Molecular Genetics. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in Animal Science at CSU, Chico where I teach the Rangeland Resource and Management, Beef Cattle Production, Domestic Reproductive Physiology, and Agriculture Experimental Research courses. My research focuses on the interaction of rangeland management, grazing distribution, and livestock production. In my spare time I continue to ranch with my family in Northern California. This is my first year in SRM and YPC; however, I hope to continue providing young professionals of the SRM with relevant and useful information for their professional development.  Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns about anything.  My email address is kdeatley@csuchico.edu. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!


Our History:

67th Annual Meeting - February 2014 - Orlando, FL

2014 Officers :

President: Jill Ficke-Beaton, Jill.Ficke-Beaton@hi.usda.gov
Vice President: Rory O'Connor, ro.c.oconnor@gmail.com
Treasurer: Miranda Meehan, mirmeehan1215@gmail.com
Recorder: Monty Lane monty.lane@wy.usda.gov

Advisory Council Co-Chair:Advisory Council Co-Chair:

Jamin Johanson, jamin.johanson@ut.usda.gov
Kasey DeAtley, kdeatley@csuchico.edu
66th Annual Meeting - February 2013 - Oklahoma City, OK
2013 Officers
President-Jamin Johanson
Vice-President-Nick Padilla
Treasurer-Poncho Ortega, Jr.
Recorder-Monty Lane
Advisory Council Co-chairs-Angie Reid and Jill Ficke-Beaton


65th Annual Meeting - February 2012 - Spokane, WA
2012 Officers
President: Angie Reid
Vice President: Jamin Johanson
Treasurer: Poncho Ortega, Jr.
Recorder: Molly Ryan (Feb-June 2012) and Colin Walden (July 2012-Jan 2013)
Advisory Council Co-Chairs: Rio Franzman and Bob Wesley
64th Annual Meeting - February 2011 - Billings, MT
2011 Officers
President: Seth Kennedy
President Elect: Angie Reid
Treasurer: Cole Lambert
Recorder: Molly Ryan
Advisory Council Chair: Jamin Johanson
63rd Annual Meeting - February 2010 - Denver, CO
2010 Officers
President: Liza McDonald
President-elect: Seth Kennedy
Treasurer: Kim Haile
Recorder: Angie Reid
Advisory Council Chair: Jill Burkhardt

62nd Annual Meeting - February 2009 - Albuquerque, NM
2009 Officers
President: Jill Burkhardt
President-elect: Liza Slusser
Treasurer: Kim Haile
Recorder: Angie Reid
Advisory Council Chair: Bob Wesley

61st Annual Meeting - February 2008 - Louisville, KY
2008 Officers
President: Bob Wesley
President-Elect: Jill Burkhardt
Treasurer: Jake Powell
Recorder: Summer Schulz
Advisory Council Co-Chairs: Liza Slusser and Julie Finzel

60th Annual Meeting - February 2007 - Reno, NV
YPC is teaming up with SRMs Leadership Development Committee (LDC) to put-on a Mentoring Program workshop. The workshop will include facilitated break-out sessions where all aspects of a possible mentoring program within SRM will be explored. In addition to the afternoon mentoring workshop, there will be a morning symposium organized by YPC member, Ben Baldwin, entitled, "What skills are needed by our young professionals to surthrive in resources management? Probably not the ones you would have thought." The week will also include the YPC business meeting, luncheon, and evening social. Please see the mentoring workshop agenda and YPC meeting announcement for more information.
2007 Officers
President: Jason Hohlt
President-Elect: Bob Wesley
Treasurer: Jake Powell
Recorder: Summer Schulz
Advisory Council Chair: Stephanie Sever

59th Annual Meeting - February 2006 - Vancouver, BC
The first YPC officers were elected to operate the conclave; the offices of President, President-Elect, Recorder, and Treasurer were filled. There was standing room only during the conclave meeting, including approximately 50 young professionals, as different presenters covered a variety of topics, including "Balancing Paperwork with Fieldwork" and "Having a Career and a Family."
2006 Officers
President: Stephanie Sever
President-Elect: Jason Hohlt
Treasurer: Brian Thrift
Recorder: Summer Schulz

58th Annual Meeting - February 2005 - Fort Worth, TX
Approximately 12 people were invited to speak with Dennis Phillippi, SRM Board member, about the young professional movement in SRM. However, a diverse group of nearly 40 young range professionals took interest and attended the meeting. Mr. Phillippi facilitated the session as young professionals brainstormed their concerns and ambitions within the Society.
2005 Organizers
Matt Phillippi
Merrita Fraker-Marble
Stephanie Sever
Heidi Olbert
Brian and Tanya Thrift

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